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Citing StrainInfo

When using StrainInfo for research please consider citing the following paper:

  • Verslyppe B., De Smet W., De Baets B., De Vos P., Dawyndt P. (accepted). StrainInfo introduces electronic passports for microorganisms. Systematic and Applied Microbiology.
  • Dawyndt, P.; Vancanneyt, M.; De Meyer, H.; Swings, J., Knowledge accumulation and resolution of data inconsistencies during the integration of microbial information sources, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, vol.17, no.8, pp. 1111-1126, Aug. 2005

Citing Seqrank

  • De Smet W., De Loof K., De Vos P., Dawyndt P., De Baets B. (2013). Filtering and ranking techniques for automated selection of high-quality 16S rRNA gene sequences. Systematic and Applied Microbiology 36(8).

Citing Histri

  • Verslyppe B, De Smet W, De Baets B, De Vos P, Dawyndt P. (2011). Make Histri: reconstructing the exchange history of bacterial and archaeal type strains. Systematic and Applied Microbiology 34(5), 328-336.

Citing MCL

  • Verslyppe B., Kottman R., De Vos P., De Baets B. & Dawyndt P. (2010). Microbiological Common Language (MCL): a standard for electronic information exchange in the Microbial Commons . Research in Microbiology 161(6), 439-445.

Citing GRS Genomic Rosetta Stone

  • Van Brabant, B., Gray, T., Verslyppe, B., Kyrpides, N., Dietrich, K., Glöckner, F.A., Cole, J., Farris, R., Schriml, L., De Vos, P., De Baets, B., Field, D., Dawyndt, P. & the GSC (2008). Laying the Foundation for a Genomic Rosetta Stone (GRS): creating information hubs through the use of consensus identifiers. OMICS 12(2): 123-127.
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