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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order strain XYZ 123?

No. It is not possible to order strains from StrainInfo. StrainInfo is only a global catalog integrating the catalogs of culture collections worldwide giving uniform access to underlying collections. You have to order the strain from one of those collections. You can find all culture collections where the strain is available by searching for the strain. We can not make any suggestions regarding selecting a culture collection, but we suggest you use the map feature to locate a culture collection nearby.

Can you inform me on the structure, form, nutrients or cultivation of species or strain X?

No. We can not reply to individual requests for information on particular species or strains. You have to contact a BRC if you want information on their material. We suggest to search for the strain or species and to use the map feature to locate a culture collection in your region.

Can you export a subset of StrainInfo?

Yes. We provide some public exports, and are happy to help you with any specific requests you may have. Contact us with a description of your data requirements.

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