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Using the Histri Editor


  • Java 6 Runtime Environment. The Histri Editor is launched using Java Web Start, available on most computers. If you have problems launching the application, you probably do not have a recent Java environment. Download Java here (free).

As a result, the Histri editor runs in Windows, MacOS X and GNU/Linux platfoms.

General usage

The Histri Editor can be executed using the “Edit Histri” button on the Strain Passport pages. Logging in is neccessary. This automatically downloads and starts the editor, opening the correct strain.

Reconstructing the exchange history can be done by dragging a culture on its predecessor. The editor automatically inserts the connection between both cultures. After connecting two cultures, extra information can be added on the Culture tab.

Do not forget to save your work! Saving is done by clicking on the save button (2nd button on toolbar). It is possible to enter a comment while saving; use this functionality to report errors or problems.


Editing Histris is even easier if you have some background knowledge on some recurring patterns such as acronym equivalence and common errors. The auto build algorithm automatically recognizes acronym equivalences, but human judgment is necessary for detection of errors as described here.

More information

The histri manual (in the form of a presentation) can be found here. In case of problems or special requests, you can contact Bert Verslyppe, the repsonsible for this project.

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