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Joining the StrainInfo index

The intention of StrainInfo is to index all biological resource centers. In the initial phase, we have indexed catalogs of culture collections mainly through screen scraping (reading web pages, just as a web search engine does). Now that we have crossed the number of 50 collections, we have come up with a standard exchange format for culture collection catalogue information. This is an XML standard, which is described in detail here. Once you have done the export, all there's left is send the XML dump to our server (see the description of the import procedure).

  • Your strain numbers are listed in the equivalent strain numbers lists
  • Your catalog can be browsed using the collection browser
  • 3rd parties can link permanently through the use of cultureIds
  • If using the XML synchronization, you receive monthly statistics on strain number views and clicks


Indexation in StrainInfo has no hard requirements, except that the BRC must be willing to share its catalog. However, there are some conditions to become successfully indexed by StrainInfo.

  • Your BRC has an online catalog, each strain number independently addressable by a URL.
  • Your catalog contains at least the strain number, other collection numbers, species names and strain history fields.
  • You are able to synchronize using the XML import procedure

These requirements are preferred, but not necessary.


The XML synchronization procedure is described on the XML import procedure page. For indexing using screen scraping, contact us directly.

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