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StrainInfo exports

We currently offer two types of exports: XML versions of our web pages (advanced search results and strain passports) and custom exports. Exports use the Microbiological Common Language (MCL).

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Exports of StrainInfo web pages

Strain passport

The XML version of a strain passport can be obtained by appending ".xml" to the strain passport URL. For example, the MCL XML file for the Bacillus smithii type strain can be found at

Advanced search results

Advanced search results can be represented in MCL XML format by appending the "format=xml" parameter to the advanced search query URL. The results in this are less detailed than the full MCL strain passports.

For example, all Bacillus type strains can be found using this query. Appending the "format=xml" parameter results in this MCL file.

As this export is paginated for web users, you might be interested in increasing the number of search results per file. This can be done by modifying the "maxResults" (number of results on page) parameter. The "firstResult" parameter (index of first result, counts starting from 0), controls the "page" that is being exported. This example shows result 51 through 150. Note that to ensure performance for all our users, StrainInfo is limited to return only the first 1000 query results.

Custom exports

These exports perform custom queries on the StrainInfo index and therefore contain information that can not be found by browsing.


This export contains the isolation habitat and location of cultures. This export contains 90005 records. Last update: 2012/12/07.
Download: CSV, XML, HTML

mapping between sequences and cultureIds

This export contains the mapping between bacterial and fungal sequences (by accession number) and cultureIds. It can also be used to determine if, according to StrainInfo, a sequence was taken from a type strain. Warning: this large export can take up to five minutes to generate! Last update: 2014/09/16
Download: CSV, XML

mapping between taxa (genus and species names) and cultures

This export contains names of species, their identifier (both in StrainInfo and NCBI) and the culture ID of one of its strains. Culture IDs of other strains can be found by querying the strain passport (for example in XML format).
Download: CSV, XML

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