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Make Histri project

The ‘Make Histri’ project aims at reconstructing the exchange history (‘Histri’) of all bacterial and archaeal type strains as can be deduced from the information contained in BRC online catalogs. A Histri, visualized as a rooted tree, contains all known strain numbers attributed to the various cultures of a given strain, annotated with additional information about each transfer of microbial material.

More information can be found in:
Verslyppe, B., De Smet, W., De Baets, B., De Vos, P., and Dawyndt, P. (2011). Make Histri: Reconstructing the exchange history of bacterial and archaeal type strains. Systematic and Applied Microbiology, doi:10.1016/j.syapm.2011.01.004

Contact: or the StrainInfo team (see contact)

Project status

Strains in the Make Histri scope (i.e. bacterial and archaeal type strains) are available here:

Project status: type strains 64.44% done (5954 of 9239). This consists of 3724 manually curated type strains and 2230 type strains built using AutoBuild.

With non-type strains also included: 7741 strains done, with 5095 curated manually.

Histri activity

All strains in StrainInfo have a Histri, even if they are not included in the original Make Histri scope. The strain's Histri can be edited using the edit button on the strain passport. It is also possible to see all intermediate versions of a strain's Histri (button also on strain passport).

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