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Mol Cell Biol 16(12), 6634-6643, 1996

title Cdc53p acts in concert with Cdc4p and Cdc34p to control the G1-to-S-phase transition and identifies a conserved family of proteins
authors Mathias N, Johnson SL, Winey M, Adams AE, Goetsch L, Pringle JR, Byers B, Goebl MG
journal Mol Cell Biol
volume 16
issue 12
pages 6634-6643
year 1996
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accession# description strainnumber date length
AM270168 Aspergillus niger contig An08c0130, genomic contig 2007/01/28 449374
U43564 Saccharomyces cerevisiae CDC53 gene, complete cds 1996/12/21 3647
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