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J Cell Biol 118(1), 95-108, 1992

title Kinesin-related proteins for assembly of the mitotic spindle.
authors Roof DM, Meluh PB, Rose MD
journal J Cell Biol
volume 118
issue 1
pages 95-108
year 1992
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accession# description strainnumber date length
Z23261 S.cerevisiae DNA for open reading frames YBL0501, YBL0505/sec17p, YBL0506, YBL0507, YBL0509, YBL0511, YBL0513, YBL0514, YBL0515, YBL0516, YBL0517, YBL0519, YBL0521/KIP1, YBL0524, YBL0526 1993/07/08 32560
Z11963 S.cerevisiae PEP4 and KIP2 genes encoding PEP4 proteinase (partial) and kinesin-related protein KIP2 1992/04/22 3179
Z11962 S.cerevisiae KIP1 gene encoding kinesin-related protein KIP1 1992/04/22 5093
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