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FEMS Yeast Res 6(8), 1157-1166, 2006

title In the yeast Hansenula polymorpha, peroxisome formation from the ER is independent of Pex19p, but involves the function of p24 proteins
authors Otzen M, Krikken AM, Ozimek PZ, Kurbatova E, Nagotu S, Veenhuis M, van der Klei IJ
journal FEMS Yeast Res
volume 6
issue 8
pages 1157-1166
year 2006
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accession# description strainnumber date length
DQ151584 Pichia angusta Erp3p (ERP3) and Emp24p (EMP24) genes, complete cds
CBS 4732
2006/11/30 1680