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Biochem J 343Pt2, 281-299, 1999

title The proton-linked monocarboxylate transporter (MCT) family: structure, function and regulation
authors Halestrap AP, Price NT
journal Biochem J
volume 343Pt2
issue (unknown)
pages 281-299
year 1999
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accession# description strainnumber date length
AM270244 Aspergillus niger contig An11c0270, genomic contig 2007/01/28 202596
AM270218 Aspergillus niger contig An11c0010, genomic contig 2007/01/28 192264
AM270119 Aspergillus niger contig An07c0010, genomic contig 2007/01/28 145134
AM269982 Aspergillus niger contig An01c0350, genomic contig 2007/01/28 154455
AM269950 Aspergillus niger contig An01c0030, genomic contig 2007/01/28 107550
5 items found, displaying all items.