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Genes Dev 13(16), 2148-2158, 1999

title The yeast exosome and human PM-Scl are related complexes of 3' --> 5' exonucleases
authors Allmang C, Petfalski E, Podtelejnikov A, Mann M, Tollervey D, Mitchell P
journal Genes Dev
volume 13
issue 16
pages 2148-2158
year 1999
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accession# description strainnumber date length
AM270285 Aspergillus niger contig An12c0290, genomic contig 2007/01/28 82881
AM270269 Aspergillus niger contig An12c0130, genomic contig 2007/01/28 132840
AM270135 Aspergillus niger contig An07c0180, genomic contig 2007/01/28 43656
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