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J Bacteriol 187(9), 2927-2938, 2005

title The DotL protein, a member of the TraG-coupling protein family, is essential for Viability of Legionella pneumophila strain Lp02
authors Buscher BA, Conover GM, Miller JL, Vogel SA, Meyers SN, Isberg RR, Vogel JP
journal J Bacteriol
volume 187
issue 9
pages 2927-2938
year 2005
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accession# description strainnumber date length
AF533658 Legionella pneumophila DotU (dotU) gene, complete cds 2003/08/01 786
AF533657 Legionella pneumophila DotV (dotV) gene, complete cds 2003/08/01 543
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