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PLoS One 4(4), e5396, 2009

title A commensal Helicobacter sp. of the rodent intestinal flora activates TLR2 and NOD1 responses in epithelial cells
authors Chaouche-Drider N, Kaparakis M, Karrar A, Fernandez MI, Carneiro LA, Viala J, Boneca IG, Moran AP, Philpott DJ, Ferrero RL
journal PLoS One
volume 4
issue 4
pages e5396
year 2009
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accession# description strainnumber date length
FM992115 Helicobacter muridarum partial flaA gene for flagellin A, strain ATCC49282, isolate St1
ATCC 49282
2010/02/02 328