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Sci Rep 3, 1217, 2013

title An unexpectedly branched biosynthetic pathway for bacteriochlorophyll b capable of absorbing near-infrared light
authors Tsukatani Y, Yamamoto H, Harada J, Yoshitomi T, Nomata J, Kasahara M, Mizoguchi T, Fujita Y, Tamiaki H
journal Sci Rep
volume 3
issue (unknown)
pages 1217
year 2013
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accession# description strainnumber date length
AB738834 Blastochloris viridis bchC, bchX, bchY, bchZ genes for 2-desacetyl-2-hydroxyethyl bacteriochlorophyllide a dehydrogenase, chlorophyllide reductase subunit X, chlorophyllide reductase subunit Y, chlorophyllide reductase subunit Z, partial and complete cds, strain: DSM 133 2013/03/01 4400