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Poult Sci 92(6), 1552-1559, 2013

title Quantitative real-time PCR study of the expression and regulation of the tetracycline resistance gene in Riemerella anatipestifer
authors Zhong CY, Cheng AC, Wang MS, Zhu DK, Luo QH, Chen S, Zhang SH, Chen XY
journal Poult Sci
volume 92
issue 6
pages 1552-1559
year 2013
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accession# description strainnumber date length
FJ711656 Riemerella anatipestifer ribosomal protection protein (tetM) gene, partial cds 2009/03/24 134
FJ711655 Riemerella anatipestifer tetracycline resistance protein, class A (tetA) gene, partial cds 2009/03/24 175
FJ711654 Riemerella anatipestifer class I integron tetracycline resistance protein, class C (tetC) gene, partial cds 2009/03/24 172
3 items found, displaying all items.