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Int J Syst Bacteriol 30, 539-546, 1980

title Biological and chemical bases for the reclassification of Brevibacterium vitarum (Bechdel et al.) Breed (Approved lists, 1980) as Corynebacterium vitarum (Bechdel et al.) comb. nov. and Brevibacterium liquefaciens Okabayashi and Masuo (Approved lists, 1980) as Corynebacterium liquefaciens comb. nov
authors Laneelle, M A, Asselineau, J, Welby, M, Norgard, M V, Imaeda, T, Pollice, M C, Barksdale, L
journal Int J Syst Bacteriol
volume 30
issue (unknown)
pages 539-546
year 1980
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