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Mol Microbiol 30(2), 405-417, 1998

title A novel PrfA-regulated chromosomal locus, which is specific for Listeria ivanovii, encodes two small, secreted internalins and contributes to virulence in mice
authors Engelbrecht F, Dominguez-Bernal G, Hess J, Dickneite C, Greiffenberg L, Lampidis R, Raffelsbauer D, Daniels JJ, Kreft J, Kaufmann SH, Vazquez-Boland JA, Goebel W
journal Mol Microbiol
volume 30
issue 2
pages 405-417
year 1998
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accession# description strainnumber date length
Y09988 Listeria ivanovii i-inlF and i-inlE genes and gene encoding hypothetical protein 1998/10/22 4247
Y14181 Listeria ivanovii i-inlF gene 1998/10/20 1290
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