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Mol Gen Genet 260(2-3), 226-231, 1998

title Cloning and expression of the ApaLI, NspI, NspHI, SacI, ScaI, and SapI restriction-modification systems in Escherichia coli
authors Xu SY, Xiao JP, Ettwiller L, Holden M, Aliotta J, Poh CL, Dalton M, Robinson DP, Petronzio TR, Moran L, Ganatra M, Ware J, Slatko B, Benner J
journal Mol Gen Genet
volume 260
issue 2-3
pages 226-231
year 1998
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accession# description strainnumber date length
AF056037 Nostoc ATCC29106 modification methylase M.NspHI (nspHIM) and NspHIrestriction endonuclease (nspHIR) genes, complete cds 1998/12/21 2060
AF056036 Nostoc ATCC29411 modification methylase M.NspI (nspIM) and NspI restrictionendonuclease (nspIR) genes, complete cds 1998/12/21 2226
AF045021 Saccharopolyspora sp. SapI M2 methyltransferase (sapIM2), SapI M1methyltransferase (sapIM1), SapI restriction endonuclease (sapIR), andputative transposase (sapX) genes, complete cds 1998/02/16 6163
AF044847 Acetobacter pasteurianus putative DNA invertase (rin), ApaLImethyltransferase (apaLIM), and ApaLI restriction endonuclease (apaLIR)genes, complete cds 1998/02/16 4062
AF044681 Streptomyces caespitosus ScaI restriction endonuclease (scaIR) and ScaImethyltransferase (scaIM) genes, complete cds 1998/02/16 2280
AF027867 Streptomyces achromogenes SacI methylase (sacIM) and SacI restrictionendonuclease (sacIR) genes, complete cds 1997/11/14 2431
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