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Infect Immun 71(2), 629-640, 2003

title Molecular and phenotypic analysis of the CS54 island of Salmonella enterica serotype typhimurium: identification of intestinal colonization and persistence determinants
authors Kingsley RA, Humphries AD, Weening EH, De Zoete MR, Winter S, Papaconstantinopoulou A, Dougan G, Baumler AJ
journal Infect Immun
volume 71
issue 2
pages 629-640
year 2003
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AF140550 Salmonella typhimurium exonuclease VII (xseA), ShdA (shdA), RatC (ratC),RatB (ratB), RatA (ratA), SinI (sinI), and SinH (sinH) genes, complete cds;and YfgK (yfgK) gene, partial cds 1999/04/14 25252