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Int J Syst Bacteriol 46(1), 270-279, 1996

title Reclassification of Paenibacillus (formerly Bacillus) pulvifaciens (Nakamura 1984) Ash et al. 1994, a later subjective synonym of Paenibacillus (formerly Bacillus) larvae (White 1906) Ash et al. 1994, as a subspecies of P. larvae, with emended descriptions of P. larvae as P. larvae subsp. larvae and P. larvae subsp. pulvifaciens
authors Heyndrickx M, Vandemeulebroecke K, Hoste B, Janssen P, Kersters K, De Vos P, Logan NA, Ali N, Berkeley RC
journal Int J Syst Bacteriol
volume 46
issue 1
pages 270-279
year 1996
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