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J Am Chem Soc 121(9), 1786-1794, 1999

title Functional characterization of the jadI gene as a cyclase forming angucyclinones
authors Kulowski K, Wendt-Pienkowski E, Han L, Yang K, Vining LC, Hutchinson CR
journal J Am Chem Soc
volume 121
issue 9
pages 1786-1794
year 1999
accession# description strainnumber date length
AF126429 Streptomyces venezuelae JadJ (jadJ), jadomycin polyketide synthase cyclase (jadI), jadomycin polyketide ketosynthase (jadA), chain length determinant, acyl carrier protein (acp), ketoreductase, and bifunctional cyclase/dehydrase genes, complete cds
ISP 5230
1999/06/09 7064