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Mol Microbiol 36(2), 414-423, 2000

title The G-protein FlhF has a role in polar flagellar placement and general stress response induction in Pseudomonas putida
authors Pandza S, Baetens M, Park CH, Au T, Keyhan M, Matin A
journal Mol Microbiol
volume 36
issue 2
pages 414-423
year 2000
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AF183382 Pseudomonas putida flagellar protein FlhA (flhA) gene, partial cds;flagellar protein FlhF (flhF), MinD homolog, motility sigma factor FliA(fliA), response regulator CheY (cheY), dephosphorylase CheZ (cheZ), sensorhistidine kinase CheA (cheA), and methylesterase CheB (cheB) genes,complete cds; and flagellar motor protein MotA (motA) gene, partial cds
ATCC 12633
2000/05/02 8464