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Microbiology 148(11), 3485-3496, 2002

title The inner-core lipopolysaccharide biosynthetic waaE gene: function and genetic distribution among some Enterobacteriaceae
authors Izquierdo L, Abitiu N, Coderch N, Hita B, Merino S, Gavin R, Tomas JM, Regue M
journal Microbiology
volume 148
issue 11
pages 3485-3496
year 2002
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accession# description strainnumber date length
AY075041 Yersinia enterocolitica strain R102 3-deoxy-manno-octulosonic acidtransferase (waaA), glucosyl-transferase (waaE), and phosphopantetheineadenyltransferase (coaD) genes, complete cds; and Fpg (fpg) gene, partialcds 2002/02/22 2818
AY075040 Enterobacter aerogenes 3-deoxy-manno-octulosonic acid transferase (waaA)and glucosyl-transferase (waaE) genes, complete cds; and phosphopantetheineadenyltransferase (coaD) gene, partial cds 2002/02/22 2314
AY075039 Proteus mirabilis strain CECT170 3-deoxy-manno-octulosonic acid transferase(waaA) gene, partial cds; glucosyl-transferase (waaE) andphosphopantetheine adenyltransferase (coaD) genes, complete cds; and Fpg(fpg) gene, partial cds 2002/02/22 2453
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