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Eur J Biochem 270(23), 4744-4754, 2003

title Factors involved in the assembly of a functional molybdopyranopterin center in recombinant Comamonas acidovorans xanthine dehydrogenase
authors Ivanov NV, Hubalek F, Trani M, Edmondson DE
journal Eur J Biochem
volume 270
issue 23
pages 4744-4754
year 2003
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AY082333 Delftia acidovorans xanthine dehydrogenase small subunit (xdhA), xanthinedehydrogenase large subunit (xdhB), putative xanthine/uracil permease(xprA), putative sulfonate binding protein (ssuA), putative sulfonatetransporter permease component (ssuC), and putative sulfonate transporterATP-binding subunit (ssuB) genes, complete cds 2002/03/27 9263