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Microbiology 149(9), 2357-2371, 2003

title Membrane-bound hydrogenase and sulfur reductase of the hyperthermophilic and acidophilic archaeon Acidianus ambivalens
authors Laska S, Lottspeich F, Kletzin A
journal Microbiology
volume 149
issue 9
pages 2357-2371
year 2003
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accession# description strainnumber date length
AJ345004 Acidianus ambivalens ORF1, ORF2, ORF3, ahaI gene, ubiE gene, doxA gene,doxD gene, sreA gene, sreB gene, sreC gene, sreD gene, sreE gene and moeAgene (partial) 2002/08/11 13231
AJ320523 Acidianus ambivalens partial ORF1, sdhF gene, sdhE gene, sdhB gene, ORF2,tatC gene, tatB gene, tatA gene, hydS gene, isp1 gene, isp2 gene, hydLgene, hyd1 gene, hyd2 gene, hypD gene, hypC gene, hypD gene, hyp1 gene,hyp2 gene, hoxM gene and nanT gene 2002/08/09 15861
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