RUH 2232 Acinetobacter johnsonii

For a given strain, the SeqRank algorithm automatically extracts all available 16S rRNA gene sequences from the INSDC nucleotide databases and ranks them according to multiple quality criteria. The top ranked sequence is recommended by StrainInfo as the reference sequence. SeqRank currently takes into account the length of the candidate 16S rRNA gene sequences, the number of ambiguous bases, the number of homopolymers and the average similarity against all other candidates. Before ranking takes place, SeqRank filters out candidate sequences that score below a preset threshold for at least one of the quality criteria. The final ranking is given in the table below, together with scores on each of the quality criteria. If the SeqRank algorithm is applied to a type strain, the reference sequence that is recommended by LTP is marked with LTP. The 16S rRNA gene sequence that is recommended by StrainInfo can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

strain ofaccession number location strain number length ambiguities (%) homopolymers (%) average similarity (%)
recommended 16S rRNA gene sequence (download FASTA file)