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GR3 Methylobacterium variabile

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Methylobacterium variabile
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Ventosa GR3
Willems R-52863
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accession# description strainnumber date length
EU430427 Methylobacterium variabile gyrase subunit B (gyrB) gene, partial cds 2009/12/01 1081
EU194913 Methylobacterium variabile methanol dehydrogenase alpha subunit-like (mxaF) gene, partial sequence 2008/12/16 504
AM910564 Methylobacterium variabile ITS1, strain GR3
2008/03/31 660
AJ851087 Methylobacterium variabile 16S rRNA gene, type strain GR3
2005/02/11 1410
AB302931 Methylobacterium variabile gene for 16S rRNA, partial sequence, strain: DSM 16961 2007/09/11 1436
5 items found, displaying all items.
3 items found, displaying all items.
Gallego V, Garcia MT, Ventosa A
Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 55(4), 1429-1433, 2005
3 items found, displaying all items.