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ATCC 21561 Micromonospora chalcea subsp. izumensis

species name
all known species names for this strain
Micromonospora chalcea subsp. izumensis
Micromonospora chalcea
strain numbers , , , , , ,
IMSNU 21288
, , ,
KCC A-0197
, , ,
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No sequences found for this strain.
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Dassain, M, Tiraby, G, Laneele, MA, Asselineau, J
Ann Microbiol 134A, 9-17, 1983
Dassain, M, Tiraby, G, Laneelle, M -A, Asselineau, J
Ann Microbiol (Inst Pasteur) 134A, 9-17, 1983
Hatano, K., Higashide, E., Shibata, M.
J Antibiot (Tokyo) 29, 1163-1170, 1976
US Pat 3,767,793 , 1973
6 items found, displaying all items.