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EMG 50 Bacillus subtilis

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Bacillus subtilis
Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis
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EMG 50
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accession# description strainnumber date length
X52834 B.subtilis argC gene for N-acetyl-glutamate-gamma-semialdehydedehydrogenase
EMG 50
1992/03/09 1038
X53360 B.subtilis argF gene for ornithine carbamoyltransferase and partial cpagene for carbamoyl phosphate synthase (EC, EC
EMG 50
1990/08/13 1882
X14680 Bacillus subtilis argC promoter
EMG 50
1989/11/23 184
3 items found, displaying all items.
4 items found, displaying all items.
Kuzma J, Nemecek-Marshall M, Pollock WH, Fall R
Curr Microbiol 30(2), 97-103, 1995
Mountain A, Smith MC, Baumberg S
Nucleic Acids Res 18(15), 4594, 1990
Smith MC, Czaplewski L, North AK, Baumberg S, Stockley PG
Mol Microbiol 3(1), 23-28, 1989
4 items found, displaying all items.