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LMG 11197 Haemophilus influenzae

species name
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Haemophilus influenzae
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Doern TD-4
, ,
G.V. Doern TD-4
, , ,
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accession# description strainnumber date length
FM163678 Haemophilus influenzae partial ftsI gene for penicillin-binding protein 3, strain ATCC 49247 2008/06/27 710
AY055624 Haemophilus influenzae isolate IIa/ATCC49247 penicillin-binding protein 3(fts1) gene, partial cds 2002/04/01 655
AJ289630 Haemophilus influenzae partial infB gene for translation initiation factorIF2, strain P1505 (ATCC49247, NCTC12699) 2001/01/06 453
3 items found, displaying all items.
11 items found, displaying all items.
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11 items found, displaying all items.