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CCUG 23653 Kontaminant (stafylokok) mustelae

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Mégraud P1
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accession# description strainnumber date length
AY380237 Helicobacter mustelae NCTC 12032 hypothetical protein gene, partial cds 2003/10/10 525
AY380236 Helicobacter mustelae NCTC 12032 urease H-like (ureH) gene, partial sequence 2003/10/10 482
AY380235 Helicobacter mustelae NCTC 12032 H-repeat associated protein gene, partial cds 2003/10/10 365
AY380234 Helicobacter mustelae NCTC 12032 distal basal body ring component protein-like gene, partial sequence 2003/10/10 389
AY380233 Helicobacter mustelae NCTC 12032 ribosome recycling factor (rrf) gene, partial cds 2003/10/10 417
AY380232 Helicobacter mustelae NCTC 12032 predicted rRNA methylase (spoU) and conserved hypothetical protein genes, partial cds 2003/10/10 692
AY380231 Helicobacter mustelae NCTC 12032 glycyl-tRNA synthetase gene, partial cds 2003/10/10 154
AY380230 Helicobacter mustelae NCTC 12032 aspartyl-tRNA synthetase (aspS) gene, partial cds 2003/10/10 87
AJ132983 Helicobacter mustelae atpA gene, partial 1999/02/24 627
L33462 Helicobacter mustelae (clone pJVS100) urease (ureA) gene, 3' end; urease(ureB) gene, 5' end 1995/07/05 1580
L38478 Helicobacter mustelae flagellin (flaA) gene, partial cds 1995/06/10 1446
L08908 Helicobacter mustelae flagellin (flaB) gene, complete cds and promoterregion 1993/06/17 1800
12 items found, displaying all items.
6 items found, displaying all items.
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6 items found, displaying all items.