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Reuter G1 Weissella halotolerans

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Weissella halotolerans
type strain of Lactobacillus halotolerans, Weissella halotolerans
16S Sequence AB022926
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CGMCC 1.2440
, , ,
, , , , , ,
NRIC 1627
Reuter G1
Reuter strain G1
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accession# description strainnumber date length
ATUU01000006 Weissella halotolerans DSM 20190 G414DRAFT_scaffold00006.6_C, whole genome shotgun sequence 2013/07/15 38340
ATUU01000005 Weissella halotolerans DSM 20190 G414DRAFT_scaffold00005.5_C, whole genome shotgun sequence 2013/07/15 108154
ATUU01000004 Weissella halotolerans DSM 20190 G414DRAFT_scaffold00004.4_C, whole genome shotgun sequence 2013/07/15 145576
ATUU01000003 Weissella halotolerans DSM 20190 G414DRAFT_scaffold00003.3_C, whole genome shotgun sequence 2013/07/15 146971
ATUU01000002 Weissella halotolerans DSM 20190 G414DRAFT_scaffold00002.2_C, whole genome shotgun sequence 2013/07/15 412519
ATUU01000001 Weissella halotolerans DSM 20190 G414DRAFT_scaffold00001.1_C, whole genome shotgun sequence 2013/07/15 506825
FM202114 Weissella halotolerans partial pheS gene for phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase alpha chain, type strain LMG 9469T 2009/09/22 378
AM698015 Weissella halotolerans partial recN gene for DNA repair and genetic recombination protein, type strain CECT 573T 2008/01/20 1216
DQ335711 Weissella halotolerans strain CECT573 chromosomal replication initiation protein (dnaA) gene, partial cds 2006/12/31 672
DQ335694 Weissella halotolerans strain CECT573 DNA gyrase subunit B (gyrB) gene, partial cds 2006/12/31 1183
DQ335679 Weissella halotolerans strain CECT573 DNA-dependent RNA polymerase B' subunit (rpoC) gene, partial cds 2006/12/31 2844
DQ335666 Weissella halotolerans strain CECT573 HSP70 (dnaK) gene, partial cds 2006/12/31 1746
AB022926 Weissella halotolerans gene for 16S rRNA, strain:NRIC 1627
NRIC 1627
2000/01/11 1480
D31691 Lactobacillus halotolerans gene for 16S ribosomal RNA, partial sequence 1994/06/08 192
14 items found, displaying all items.
14 items found, displaying all items.
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14 items found, displaying all items.