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DSM 10567 Phage sp.

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Phage sp.
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Jarvis, A. W., Fitzgerald, G. F., Mata, M., Mercenier, A., Neve, H., Powell, I. B., Ronda, C., Saxelin, M., Teuber, M.
Intervirology 32, 2-9, 1991
Braun, V Jr, Hertwig, S, Neve, H, Geis, A, Teuber, M
J Gen Microbiol 135, 2551-2560, 1989
Lembke, J, Krusch, U, Lompe, A, Teuber, M
Zentralbl Bakteriol I Abt Orig C 1, 79-91, 1980
Terzaghi BE, Sandine WE
Appl Microbiol 29(6), 807-813, 1975
6 items found, displaying all items.