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LMG 5039 Pseudomonas marginalis pv. alfalfae

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Pseudomonas marginalis pv. alfalfae
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Lukezic and Shinde P5
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accession# description strainnumber date length
HE586425 Pseudomonas marginalis partial rpoB gene for RNA polymerase beta subunit, strain LMG 5039 2011/11/06 1013
HE586393 Pseudomonas marginalis partial 16S rRNA gene, strain LMG 5039 2011/11/06 1489
AB039570 Pseudomonas marginalis rpoD gene for DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit D, partial cds, strain: NCPPB 2645 2000/11/02 807
AB039444 Pseudomonas marginalis gyrB gene for DNA gyrase subunit B, partial cds, strain: NCPPB 2645 2000/11/02 890
4 items found, displaying all items.
Yamamoto S, Kasai H, Arnold DL, Jackson RW, Vivian A, Harayama S
Microbiology 146 ( Pt 10), 2385-2394, 2000