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IFO 3284 Acetobacter lovaniensis

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Acetobacter lovaniensis
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accession# description strainnumber date length
KC968247 Acetobacter pasteurianus strain BCRC 11681 DNA gyrase subunit B (gyrB) gene, partial cds 2014/03/26 822
KC505711 Acetobacter pasteurianus strain BCRC 11681 elongation factor Tu (tuf) gene, partial cds 2013/04/28 608
KC176428 Acetobacter pasteurianus strain BCRC 11681 GroEL (groEL) gene, partial cds 2013/01/13 479
AB680047 Acetobacter lovaniensis gene for 16S rRNA, partial sequence, strain: NBRC 3284 2011/12/11 1413
AB453944 Acetobacter lovaniensis ctaD, ctaB, orf VI genes for hypothetical protein, protoheme IX farnesyltransferase, hypothetical protein, partial and complete cds 2009/05/04 2533
AB453943 Acetobacter lovaniensis ctaA gene for putative heme A synthase, complete cds 2009/05/04 1587
AB453942 Acetobacter lovaniensis cyaB, cyaA, cyaC, cyaD genes for ubiquinol oxidase subunit II precursor, ubiquinol oxidase subunit I, ubiquinol oxidase subunit III, ubiquinol oxidase subunit IV, complete cds, and hypothetical proteins 2009/05/04 9796
7 items found, displaying all items.