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CIP 107683 Burkholderia cepacia

species name
all known species names for this strain
Burkholderia cepacia
Burkholderia dolosa
strain numbers , , ,
L. Saimann58
LiPuma HI2112
, ,
Saimann 58
strain FC348
Vandamme R-713
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accession# description strainnumber date length
FJ670554 Burkholderia dolosa strain LMG18941 recombinase A gene, partial cds 2009/09/22 671
FJ668300 Burkholderia dolosa strain LMG18941 extracytoplasmic function sigma 70 factor (ecfB) gene, partial cds 2009/09/22 292
EU057653 Burkholderia dolosa strain LMG18941 histidinol-phosphate aminotransferase (hisC) gene, partial cds; imidazole glycerol phosphate dehydratase (hisB), multiple antibiotic resistance-related protein (marC), imidazole glycerol phosphate synthase glutamine amidotransferase subunit (hisH), phosphoribosylformimino-5-aminoimidazole carboxamide ribotide isomerase (hisA), imidazole glycerol phosphate synthase subunit (hisF), phosphoribosyl-AMP cyclohydrolase (hisI), and phosphoribosyl-ATP pyrophosphohydrolase (hisE) genes, complete cds; and membrane protein gene, partial cds 2008/07/31 4833
DQ125258 Burkholderia cepacia strain LMG18941 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid deaminase (acdS) gene, partial cds 2006/05/23 793
AY987923 Burkholderia dolosa strain LMG 18941 GyrB (gyrB) gene, partial cds 2006/03/31 1889
AF175314 Burkholderia cepacia 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence 2000/09/05 1474
6 items found, displaying all items.
4 items found, displaying all items.
Graindorge A, Menard A, Neto M, Bouvet C, Miollan R, Gaillard S, de Montclos H, Laurent F, Cournoyer B
Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis 66(1), 29-40, 2010
Papaleo MC, Russo E, Fondi M, Emiliani G, Frandi A, Brilli M, Pastorelli R, Fani R
Gene 448(1), 16-28, 2009
Coenye T, LiPuma JJ, Henry D, Hoste B, Vandemeulebroecke K, Gillis M, Speert DP, Vandamme P
Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 51(2), 271-279, 2001
4 items found, displaying all items.