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LMG 16545 Propionibacterium freudenreichii

species name
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Propionibacterium freudenreichii
strain numbers
Dellaglio R23
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accession# description strainnumber date length
AF291751 Propionibacterium freudenreichii plasmid p545, complete sequence 2000/10/25 3555
AX008203 Sequence 1 from Patent WO9967356 2000/09/06 3555
AX007138 Sequence 1 from Patent EP0972835 2000/09/06 3555
3 items found, displaying all items.
Jore JP, van Luijk N, Luiten RG, van der Werf MJ, Pouwels PH
Appl Environ Microbiol 67(2), 499-503, 2001