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DSM 1867 Bacillus sphaericus

species name
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Bacillus sphaericus
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Logan B1146
strain 1593
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Nakamura LK
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de Barjac, H, Veran, M, Cosmao Dumanoir, V
Ann Microbiol (Inst Pasteur) 131 B, 191-201, 1980
Krych VK, Johnson JL, Youston AA
Int J Syst Bacteriol 30, 476-484, 1980
Myers, P., Yousten, A. A.
Appl Environ Microbiol 39, 1205-1211, 1980
Hertlein, B C, Levy, R, Miller, T W
J Invertebr Pathol 33, 217-221, 1979
Myers P, Yousten AA, Davidson EW
Can J Microbiol 25(11), 1227-1231, 1979
Ramoska, W., Singer, S., Levy, R.
J Invertebr Pathol 30, 151-154, 1977
9 items found, displaying all items.