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197N Bordetella avium

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Bordetella avium
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accession# description strainnumber date length
HG323130 TPA: Bordetella avium 197N SRP RNA for signal recognition particle RNA
2013/07/04 105
AM167904 Bordetella avium 197N complete genome
2006/02/01 3732255
AY925018 Bordetella avium strain 197N genomic sequence
2005/11/08 462
AY155576 Bordetella avium strain 197N ABC transporter gene, partial cds; and adhesinFhaB (fhaB), complete cds; fimbrial gene cluster, complete sequence; andFHA accessory protein FhaC (fhaC) gene, complete cds
2002/12/04 16356
AY155575 Bordetella avium strain 197N probable response regulator gene, partial cds;and transcription regulators of virulence factors bvg locus, completesequence
2002/12/04 5414
AJ427964 Bordetella avium nodL, wlbL, wlbJK, wlbH, wlbG, wlbF, wlbE, wlbC, wlbB,wlbA, wlb.12 and wlb.13 genes
2002/01/16 15878
AF248036 Bordetella avium WlbF (wlbF) and WlbG (wlbG) genes, partial cds; and wlbFgene, partial sequence
2000/08/03 741
AF248035 Bordetella avium WlbF (wlbF) gene, partial cds; and wlbF gene, partialsequence
2000/08/03 601
AF248034 Bordetella avium WlbL (wlbL) gene, partial cds
2000/08/03 648
AF248033 Bordetella avium WlbA (wlbA) gene, partial cds
2000/08/03 375
10 items found, displaying all items.
8 items found, displaying all items.
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8 items found, displaying all items.