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Alfalfa 100 Ensifer meliloti

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Ensifer meliloti
strain numbers
Alfalfa 100
, ,
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No sequences found for this strain.
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De Lajudie, P, Willems, A, Pot, B, Dewettinck, D, Maestrojuan, G, Neyra, M, Collins, M D, Dreyfus, B, Kersters, K, Gillis, M
Int J Syst Bacteriol 44, 715-733, 1994
Graham PH, Sadowksy MJ, Keyser HH, Barnet YM, Bradley RS, Cooper JE, De Ley DJ, Jarvis BDW, Roslycky EB, Strijdom BW, Young JPW
Int J Syst Bacteriol 41, 582-587, 1991
2 items found, displaying all items.